We've managed to produce an incredible amount of e-books and blog posts with Contentoo. I appreciate the flexibility in our review processes, creativity of their writers and the speed with which the copy is delivered.

Ivana Zakova

Marketing Campaign Manager, Booking.com Business

Since we use Contentoo the quality of our content has increased a lot. All our content has the right tone of voice, that speaks perfectly to our target audience.

Rolf Mulder

Online Marketing Manager, easygenerator

Contentoo was the ideal solution to quickly replace our in-house copywriter. They deliver fast and I love their flexibility. Also, thanks to a dedicated project manager you always know what the status is of all your different assignments.

Sophie Corlay

Global Communications Manager, Usabilla

Good texts, delivered on time: that's what you get with Contentoo. They're spot on with every job and you know they will get the best writer on board, someone who has a firm command of the tone of voice and knows how to get readers excited and make an impact with words.

Joyce Harthold

Content Marketeer Schouten & Nelissen
How it works

We learn about your content strategy. Which type of content do you want to produce? What is your brand’s tone of voice?


We have recruited the best freelance content creators from around the globe. Based on what we learn during your onboarding, we select the content creators who will best meet your needs. Our content creators cover every topic.


Now it’s time to brief your team of content creators. Using Contentoo’s platform, briefings are fast and efficient. You can also start a brainstorm with our freelancers to develop fresh topics.


Save time and hassle, we have fully automated the content creation process for you. Make your content creation highly scalable and cost-efficient. Get your demo now!

Why leading brands work with Contentoo

  • Expand your content marketing team with a flexible workforce of hand-picked content creators
  • Optimise your content creation process. Save time and increase the quality of your content
  • Get access to a team of some of the best freelance content creators out there, for the same cost as having one copywriter on your payroll

Flexible, plug-and-play marketing teams