“Contentoo helps us reach our content-marketing goals. For a fast-growing company like ours, Contentoo gives us the scalability we need.”

Iris Dings

International Content Specialist at Sendcloud

"I have been very impressed by the quality that Contentoo delivers. Usually, the texts delivered by Contentoo’s writers are right on the first try."

Danielle Agas


"The quality assurance is very important to me. Contentoo assesses all its writers, so they can be sure that they will deliver the necessary quality."

Joyce Hardholt

Schouten & Nelissen

“Contentoo offers us the certainty and reliability of a permanent editorial staff, yet with the flexibility of having a pool of our own freelancers.”

Levi Bosselaar

DELTA Fiber Nederland

"Contentoo has the writers and the know-how to cover all our writing and editorial needs."

Leon Houtzager

Munt Hypotheken
Tom Modderkolk

"Now, we can easily handle loads of copywriting requests. The quality of our content has never been better, and we've never been more satisfied as a team. For us, Contentoo is like a strong, scalable team player working outside the office."

Tom Modderkolk

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How it works
Remote Teams

Contentoo lets you build your own team, with all the professional talent you need. Our platform is used by 300+ vetted freelancers, working in 12 languages and every industry. You can find the best freelancers for any specialisation. Our specially developed onboarding method ensures that your freelancers become a part of your organisation, even though they’re not on your payroll and don’t work in your office. We handle management, invoicing and payment for you. That means you get all the advantages of in-house and freelance, combined.

Get started with Contentoo in three steps:

1. Onboarding

What is your content strategy? Which type of content do you want to produce? What is your brand’s tone of voice?

2. Matching

Our platform is used by 300+ vetted freelance content creators, SEO specialists and content marketing strategists from around the globe. Based on an online assessment of your content marketing needs and with our matching method you select the content marketing talent who will best meet your needs. Freelance talent is integrated into your team – just like an in-house employee.

3. Briefing

Now it’s time to brief your team of content marketing talent. Using Contentoo’s platform, briefings are fast and efficient. You can also start a brainstorm with our freelancers to develop fresh topics. Save time and hassle, we have fully automated the content creation process for you. Make your content creation highly scalable and cost-efficient.


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