Creating effective, high-quality content is often the bottleneck in the content marketing process. On top of that, the content creation process itself can be a pain: multiple review rounds, a lack of oversight, and over-communication between the client and content creator. As a result, your brand winds up with an inconsistent tone of voice. Contentoo offers a solution for this.

No More Content Chaos

Keep things well-organised by managing your content production in a single place. Monitor the progress of your projects with our dashboard. See exactly which member of your marketing team is working on which projects, and what the latest status is. Safeguard your brand’s tone of voice and ensure it remains consistent.

Your Own Custom-Made Team

Expand your marketing team with a flexible roster of select freelance content creators, SEO specialists and content marketing strategists. Integrate talent into your team – just like an in-house employee. We have a specialist in your industry on our platform, available to work for you whenever you need it.

Efficient Time Management

Manage your freelance talent via our platform. Thanks to our talent-matching method and briefing templates, you’ll reduce e-mail traffic by 80 percent and minimise the number of review rounds to one at most.