Ron van Valkengoed has a passion for everything related to cloud computing. He was Managing Director of Ezwim (market leader in the cloud-based telecom industry) and serves as Senior Marketing Fellow at Casengo, which delivers customer service tools via the cloud. Additionally, he’s founded numerous other successful companies like De Advocatenwijzer, Yeloworld and Sustainmobile. His professional experience is enough to fill a hundred CVs. Fortunately Ron invests plenty of time in sharing his knowledge and expertise with companies and thinkers of the future, whether he’s mentoring at start-up accelerator Rockstart or serving as a strategic advisor for a range of other companies.Ron has a gift for recognizing talents and spotting good ideas – ideas that may change the world or enable us to see things differently. Thanks to this gift, he’s had the opportunity to work with the best and the brightest – he couldn’t be any happier.